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 The True Blue Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) branch of Northern Colorado Sports Officials. If you are interested in helping out, want to donate or if you just have general questions, send us an email. If you would like more information about Northern Colorado Sports Officials or NCSO please visit

President - Sean Grogan

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Thanks for checking out our website! If you are interested in helping out, looking for opportunities, or just want to donate let us know! Feel free to get into contact with us

Helping Those Who Help us

Thank you to the 2020 Recipients.  Each year that we reach our fundraising goals we look to expand and help other great organizations. 

The 2020Golf Tournament was again a huge success, thank you all! We are still working on dates for the 2021 golf tournament. Probably around the first or second Friday in August again. To sign up see link above or click here

Vice President - Mason Smith

True Blue supports those organizations who- through activity, support, mentorship, and empowerment, offer programs that allow our youth to overcome adversity and learn life skills that may otherwise be unattainable for them.

Taking Care of Those Who Take of Us

Youth Sports scholarship Funds